Excursiones Mundoazul

Complementary Excursions for Educational Centers

Why choose MundoAzul Medioambiente?


The complementary educational activities that MUNDO AZUL presents to you can only be carried out with educational centers, they must have been approved by the school council, they are evaluable and the contents that we teach are included in the study programs. For this, the center, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, empowers us to be able to teach its students. Our programs are previously agreed upon with the teachers of your center in such a way that all those things that the students are going to learn and experience are a continuity to the syllabus they learn at their school.

With these premises we intend to ensure that students, through travel, visits, observation, research and experimentation, obtain a critical analysis of everything that surrounds them. For this reason, we believe that visiting educationally important places makes students increase their interest in their academic training.

These excursions are designed for students, which is why the tours have been carried out on the basis that these students acquire both cultural and historical-artistic knowledge as well as the environment.

But not only do we pursue student learning, but we also make these trips and excursions extraordinarily attractive and fun, integrating recreational activities that are so demanded by these ages, providing students with the fun and entertainment they so desire, without leaving education aside.

We propose to discover the most beautiful corners of our geography. From the high and abrupt mountain peaks to the embedded valleys, through whose bottoms rivers of clean waters flow. All this is seasoned by the incomparable beauty attributed to these places by the richness of their forests and the indisputable value of the fauna that inhabits them and that we will surely have the opportunity to observe throughout our itineraries.

To carry out all our activities, we rely on the adequate infrastructure offered by our network of hostels and hotels, trying to promote, in addition, from these, the practice of non-aggressive activities for the natural environment.